Suggestions For Do-It-Yourself Wedding Invitations


For many couples,  designing  and creating their own  wedding   invitations  is a very enticing concept. Working together to create an  invitation  that is 100% unique helps the couple feel more like a team, and the idea of creating a beautiful  invitation  that others can keep as a remembrance of the  wedding  is a touching gesture.

With all of the planning that is necessary for a  wedding , taking on the added task of  designing  and creating your own  wedding   invitations  may seem like a task to be dreaded rather than enjoyed, but many couples find it to be an enjoyable diversion, and a money saver as well. With so many rules and traditions for the  wedding , and so many people pulling in many different directions, the creative outlet of  designing  and assembling  invitations  can be therapeutic.

Do it yourself  invitations  do not have to be difficult or time consuming. Modern home computers, and pre-assembled do-it-yourself  invitation  kits make the process straightforward. With some patience, even those who do not consider themselves artistic at all can create unique and beautiful  wedding   invitations .

What types of  invitations  can you create yourself?

o Photo  invitations . There are many ways to add a photograph of you and your fiancé to a  wedding   invitation . Some do-it-yourself kits are  designed  so that you can create an overlay of vellum to a photo printed on the  invitation  paper. To create a finished look, add a bow in a complimentary color. A photo  wedding   invitation  will stand out to your guests from most other  wedding   invitations  they receive, and will really add a personal touch.

o Traditional  invitations . If you are interested in traditional  invitations , there are many available in do-it-yourself kits. These  invitation  kits include the  invitation  card stock, response card stock and envelopes for both. You will decide the wording for the  invitation  and print the  invitations  yourself. Most  invitation  kits are compatible with both ink jet and laser printers.

Benefits of Do-It-Yourself  Invitations 

There are several reasons why the couple may want to  design  and put together their own  invitations . While money is one consideration, it is not the only one. For many couples,  designing  and creating their  wedding   invitations  is a fun and romantic way to enjoy the  wedding  celebration. Rather than the usual process of choosing  invitations  at the  wedding  store or online, you and your future spouse can choose the general  design , and then work on it together, at home. This allows you to experiment with different fonts, styles and wording choices without the pressure to make a quick decision.

Once you have finalized your choices, you will print the  invitations , and assemble them. This can also be a fun activity for the wedding couple, or the bride may choose to invite her bridesmaids over for help. The amount of assembling necessary depends on the cards that you choose. Some will require nothing other than printing and envelope stuffing and addressing, which is the same amount of work as with traditional  invitations . Others may require you to fit a sheet of vellum over the top of the  invitations  and securing it with ribbon. Regardless of the type of  invitation  that you choose, the kit will come with all of the materials necessary for a completed  invitation .

Adding your own personal touch

Even if you purchase a do-it-yourself kit for your  invitations  you can still personalize even further by adding your own touch and sense of style. Once you have printed your  invitations , you can add stamps, ribbon or other ornaments to your  wedding   invitations . This is a wonderful way to make your  invitation  100% unique, while adding a charming, home crafted and personal touch.

Once you have addressed all of the envelopes, you may want to add some decorative touches to the envelopes as well. You can add a monogrammed stamp or a motif, or a more traditional envelope seal. You may also want to add some wedding themed ink stamps to the outside of the envelope for a whimsical look.

You can spend as much or as little time as you like on your do-it-yourself  invitations . Of course if your event is smaller in size,  designing  your own  wedding   invitations  is a much more manageable task, but it can also be done for larger events. Some couples choose to make each  invitation  unique, with personalized stamps and decorations for each  invitation , while others make all the  invitations  alike, and add nothing extra before putting them in the mail. Whether your goal is simply to save some money or to express your inner artist, creating your own do-it-yourself  invitations  can be a very rewarding experience.