Month: July 2016

An Introduction to Vera Wang Wedding Invitations


It’s only fitting that designer Vera Wang produces a line of  wedding   invitations  that break the mold with elegance and style. After all, her career as a famous designer was inspired by her unsuccessful search for a wedding dress. Wang, seeking the ideal wedding dress for a sophisticated, adult bride, was dismayed to find that nearly everything she looked at had a “sameness” to it, and that they all seemed to be designed for “younger brides”. It took a few years, but Wang took that disappointment in finding the right wedding dress and turned it into a bridal design company.

Vera Wang’s  wedding   invitation   designs  carry through the same bold, elegant and innovative eye that she brought to fashion design. The  invitations  range from classically elegant to whimsical and buoyant, but they all represent Wang’s unmistakable flair for the striking and the dramatic.

Vera Wang’s  Wedding  Collection features  wedding   invitations  in several different lines. Each line is distinct and distinctive, although some designs do cross over to carry on a design trend. For instance, the floral and frond  designs  reappear in several different styles of  wedding   invitation , presented in note cards and fold-over styles as well as in standard card styles. Borders and pattern prints are repeated in envelope liners and in dual-sided  wedding   invitations  that are exclusive to the Vera Wang collection.

Vera Wang Letterpress  Wedding   Invitation  Collection

This unique collection features bold, fashion-forward prints on oyster paper. The prints include floral and paisley in borders and repeats, and in single, splashy designs along the sides or peeking in from the top corner. You will find bright, pattern-on-pattern lace designs alongside delicate screen prints, delicate screen print floral patterns juxtaposed with bold sunbursts. The colors run the gamut from subtle jade green to bold and bright orange, sparking every piece of the  wedding   invitation  ensemble in different, unexpected ways. A real favorite for the modern, unconventional but very elegant bride: the Vera Lace Letterpress  Wedding   Invitations  which feature a delightfully stylized floral pattern against a delicate lace border and makes use of the unconventional and bold color combination of turquoise and jade.

Vera Wang Retro Verso  Wedding   Invitation  Collection

This collection takes a skipping step to the whimsical side of your nature. The Retro Verso  wedding   invitation  collection features bright, cheerful colors in prints that dance across the page. Each  invitation  is dual-printed with your  invitation  wording and a border  design  on one side and a bright pattern on the reverse of the paper. Retro Verso  wedding   invitations  are unmistakably elegant, but have a playful unconventionality that’s appealing to the modern bride. A favorite  wedding   invitation  style from the Retro Verso Dual Sided  wedding   invitation  collection: the Parasol Dual Sided  Wedding   Invitation , which features sunshiny bright colors and a pattern reminiscent of your childhood Spirograph. It’s bold, flirty and definitely fun.

Bordered  Wedding   Invitations  from the Vera Wang collection

This collection features bold colors and classic styling for the traditional bride with a strong unconventional streak. Colored borders in different styles frame the center panel on each  invitation , but each of the borders has its own unmistakable character. Coupled with boldly patterned envelopes, the  wedding   invitations  are both elegant and strikingly unique, a great deal like Vera Wang’s bridal dress  designs . The two main  designs  in the Vera Wang Borders collection are the Bar Panel Border and the Hand Tinted Border  wedding   invitations . The Bar Panel borders are elegant and classy, featuring a triple frame in bold colors and an embossed double border around an Oyster white print panel. The  invitations  are coupled with very stylish envelopes with linings inspired by Wang’s own  designs . The Hand Tinted borders are more subtle but no less striking, with borders hand tinted in bold, bright colors. There are no frilly details, just an elegant, classy and bold style statement.

Nearly all of the  invitations  in the Vera Wang collections include beautiful hand-lined envelopes to match the colors of the  wedding   invitation . The colored linings of the envelopes for the Retro Verso collection, for instance, echo  design  elements from the  wedding   invitations  themselves, a sunburst parasol for the Parasol  wedding   invitation  or a single gingko fan with the Ginkgo Retro Verso  invitation . The Borders Collection  invitations  are coupled with envelopes lined in bold floral and geometric prints that coordinate with the double-colored borders.

The Vera Wang  wedding   invitation  collections are bold, inspired by the textile prints and color palette from Vera Wang’s “Ready to Wear” collection. Unconventional and bold, these are  wedding   invitations   designed  for the discerning bride with an eye for fashion and style. If you are looking for  wedding   invitations  that match your penchant for modern insouciance, the Wang  wedding   invitation  collection is definitely worth a second look.


Be Your Own Wedding Coordinator and Design Your Own Wedding Invitations


When you think of weddings, you begin to conjure up an image of a blushing bride with a long white gown surrounded by candles, flowers and of course, a dashing groom. While the picture of a perfect wedding brings joy to all, the reality of weddings is a dollars and cents sink whole. Weddings cost money and are one of the biggest, most bustling businesses in the United States. You could spend a small or large fortune on your wedding from selecting flowers to purchasing the perfect dress.

Securing videographers and photographers, caterers, musicians and a variety of other vendors to perform services on your special day could set you back the cost of a down payment on a house. Save yourself and your new groom a little money and  design  your own  wedding   invitations . With the help of online catalogs or a visit to a craft store, you could save the cost of hiring a professional printer and still create a beautiful, memorable  wedding   invitation  to send to your guests.

Planning a wedding is an exercise in spending money. Every vendor gets a check to provide a product or a service. First, the bride and groom select a location to hold their wedding reception. They have to secure a venue to hold the wedding ceremony which often entails a donation if it is a church or temple and a fee if it is at a hotel or public location. After selecting a photographer and a videographer, each vendor is offered a percentage of the total cost of the service to ensure their attendance on your wedding date.

Next, the bride and groom and other members of the wedding party and close family members need to select dresses and tuxedos to wear on the special day. Another expensive purchase involves selecting flowers to adorn the wedding venue and the reception hall as well as for the bride, bridesmaids and flower girls.

Since wedding planning is so expensive, you can work to ease the budget by doing some things yourself. Instead of hiring a wedding coordinator, do the planning and organizing yourself. If you don’t feel like you have the time or ability to manage the wedding planning process, enlist a favorite family member like an aunt or cousin or recruit a close friend who isn’t part of the wedding party to help with selections and to do items.  Design  your own  wedding   invitations  and print them on your home computer to save costs at the expensive, professional printers.

Plan to address them yourself and save the added cost of hiring a calligrapher to address your envelopes. Instead of spending extra money on purchasing wedding favors and printed napkins and matchbooks, make a donation to your favorite charity or an organization that reflects your values and interests and share the donation information with your guests. If you are looking to cut costs, you could even recruit a family friend or talented relative to video tape your nuptials and reception or take photographs to save an enormous amount of wedding costs.

Having a classic, memorable wedding doesn’t have to break the budget. There are some wedding expenses that you just can’t avoid. Since most brides have to buy a wedding dress and pay for a venue for their wedding and reception, some costs are fixed. When possible, doing wedding projects yourself can save you gobs of money. When considering how to shave the budget, think about whether your guests will know you did the work or outsourced it to a professional.

While putting together flowers might be difficult, your guests may never know you worked to  design  your own  wedding   invitations  and printed them yourself. Take the money you save on wedding expenditures and put that towards building a future with your new spouse.


Some Wedding Invitation Ideas


Full color invitations are a must. The Hawaiian Islands, birthplace of the Luau, are the house of brilliant birds and flowers, shining blue water and vivid sunsets. Orange, turquoise, red, green vibrant yellow and even purple…

So in case you are seeking to save your self a bit of cash and need to do it your self, in case you are artistic person and want to add your own personal touch to your wedding invites, then take a look at under wedding ceremony invites ideas.

  • Try some of the free printable invites or templates that are available.
  • Use clean wedding ceremony invites that can be crammed in by a calligrapher for some beautiful writing.
  • Use customized marriage invitations.
  • Use distinctive wedding invitations. Try one thing unexpected. You can make your own invitations. Use nice paper.
  • Photograph wedding invitations. These will be executed pretty inexpensively by way of a printer or on photograph processing store.
  • Elegant wedding invitations. Try to match the theme of your wedding.
  • Modern marriage ceremony invitations. These might be more artistic and less formal.
  • Strive utilizing creative wording for the marriage invitations.
  • Seashore, Hawaiian wedding invitations have gotten well liked, especially with vacation spot weddings.
  • Designer wedding ceremony invitations are seen more often. There are a lot of designers who’ve their very own line now.
  • Humorous wedding ceremony invitations can be used for an informal wedding.
  • Nautical wedding invitations.
  • Classic – wedding ceremony invitations. There’s one thing to be said for the tried and true. Black and white marriage ceremony invites are popular here.
  • Vineyard wedding invitations. You don’t have to be in a single for these.
  • Monogram marriage ceremony invitations are widespread once again.
  • Crane marriage ceremony invitations and seashell wedding invitations are both good choices for a beach or destination wedding.
  • Orchid wedding invites and calla lily marriage ceremony invites are good exotic flower choices.
  • A calligraphy wedding ceremony invitation will add class to any choice.
  • Vintage wedding ceremony invites are highly regarded right now. The classic is actually copying from the past.
  • Butterfly wedding ceremony invitations.
  • Hawaiian wedding invitations.
  • Funky marriage ceremony invitations. It’s good to be able to have your wedding invitation mirror your personality.

Whenever you make marriage ceremony invitations, begin with a heavy paper background card. Choose a colour to enhance your wedding. A heavier gauge inventory is preferable. A lightly colored or printed-paper is OK or go along with a single coloration and use more gildings later. Choose an overlay and use word processing software program to print your invitation rent or do it your self a calligrapher and create a master, which may then be copied for the rest. Select the translucent vellum to see the background card underneath. This is particularly important with a printed card stock. Choose an opaque white for darker background cards. Fasten the two together with embellishments. Ribbon, wire, raffia are all good locations to start. Get creative and add shells, flowers, leaves, or anything to compliment your theme.

You can be so completely happy with your self-made marriage invitations. By the best way this is additionally an effective way to invite associates to the bridal party. There are loads of concepts available with just a little brainstorming. However to begin with, every thing should be started as early because it potential, don’t postpone it on the last month.


Ordering Wedding Invitations Online


There was a time when people used to buy it from a local store. These days, however, most people find that it is easier and cheaper to buy it online.

The following steps can help you order

  1. The first step is to find a reputed online card store that specializes in Catholic invites. It is important to choose a store that makes such cards because you have to fall back on their expertise when you are in doubt about wordings, fonts, designs and so on.
  2. Once you identify a store that sells Catholic invitations, take a look at the sample invites. Different stores offer different designs. It is a good idea to look at different samples so that one has a good idea of what is on offer at various stores.
  3. Many online stores allow customers to design their own cards or choose a card from their templates. It may be ostentatious, highly decorative or subtle. It is important to choose a style that suits your wedding and your tastes. Typically though, the country of origin has some influence. For instance, a Catholic wedding in India is bound to have customs and traditions unique to that country. Quite naturally then, it is possible to have Catholic that resemble a leaf or some such traditional design if the wedding is an Indian one. Alternatively, it is possible to have a wedding card designed along the theme of the wedding. Since most Catholic weddings are highly religious, it is common to have angels and cherubs on it. You may mix and match designs when designing the wedding card yourself.
  4. These days, many these are ostentatious and decorative. Therefore, scroll wedding invitations are very popular. It is common to see it invites in the bridal colors of pale cream and gold. Scroll wedding invitations may be placed within a box if these are made of delicate material like tissue.
  5. When buying it online, it is possible to design your own this. Pre-fabricated designs are available. It is possible to choose one of these designs. These include floral patterns, traditional artwork and so on.
  6. Choosing the wordings is an important part of designing the wedding card. For instance, if the wedding is taking place in a Church, most invites would include a phrase like ‘request the honor of your presence’. However, if the wedding is taking place in a non-religious place, it is common to use more informal words and phrases. In the case of Roman Catholic weddings, it is common to use highly formal language. Religious references may also be included.
  7. Once the wordings have been finalized, it is time to choose matching envelopes for the wedding cards. With this, the process of designing the invite is over.

After this, the card is ready for printing. It is necessary to procure a sample of the printed card before ordering in bulk. That way, it becomes easy to make changes. The proof must be just perfect before you order the entire batch of wedding invites.


Suggestions For DIY Wedding Invitations


Many couples are seeking ways to save money on their weddings. Often they will decide to  design  their own  wedding   invitations . While this may appear to be a smart decision, it often ends in frustration or a  wedding   invitation  that does not quite rise to the importance of the occasion.

As stationers, several panicky couples drop into our store each month for advice on how to fix their DIY  wedding   invitations . For example, one couple who had paid a friend to  design  their  wedding   invitation  sought our advice on selecting paper to print their  invitation . Sadly, we explained that a full-bleed  invitation  (artwork  design  extended to the border of the print area) and a custom-cut  invitation  would be far more than their limited budget permitted.

It is most disappointing to see the anguish and panic that ensues when couples realize that their inexpensive  invitation  has turned into a nightmare. In our experience, very few people are knowledgeable enough to  design  and print their  invitations . Before you do so, it might be useful to consult a stationer in your neighborhood who generally carries several lines of attractively priced  wedding   invitations  and can provide expert advice on styling and etiquette. Also, many of these stores carry card stock that may be used for your  wedding   invitation  in the event you decide to do it yourself. For those who decide to fly solo, please find below some useful suggestions.

DIY  Wedding   Invitation  Suggestions

  • Always start with the paper. Many young couples focus on the design only to realize too late that they cannot find the “right” paper stock. Papers come in a variety of sizes and weights. Some stores carry pocket stationery to hold your  invitation , reply card set and possibly a directions card. We recommend using the heaviest paper weight possible. However, paper stock above #96 (ninety-six pounds) will generally not go through an ink jet or laser printer.
  • Seek matching envelopes. We recommend including a reply card set with your  invitation  and, as such, it is wise to insure that there are matching paper stock and envelopes in the stock you select for your  invitation . There are few things more frustrating than not being able to find matching envelopes for your unique  invitation .
  • Avoid being too cutesy! There is a tendency over-design a DIY  wedding   invitation . Please remember, it is a  wedding   invitation  not an arts-and-crafts project! The key is moderation and a clean design. Use no more than two font styles. More than that is confusing and detracts from the elegance of the  invitation .
  • Use Proper Etiquette. There are few things more disturbing than the lack of proper etiquette in the wording of your  invitation . While customs change, proper etiquette is never out of fashion. A few big “dont’s”: Do not place the URL of your  wedding  website on the  invitation . Also, no gift registry information should be shown on the  invitation . Resist using a monogram no matter how cute (after all, you are not married).
  • How to use Color. There are many ways to incorporate color into your  invitation . Envelope linings, borders and font colors to name a few. Like font styles, too much color tends to cheapen the look of the  invitation . If in doubt, go with black.
  • How to incorporate motifs into your  invitation . The use of motifs can often create a sense of “place,” “time,” or “energy.” For instance, a sea shell motif for a beach wedding; or an acorn for a fall wedding. One might want to use theme motifs on different elements of your wedding papers ensemble. For instance, a palm tree on the  wedding   invitation  and a sea shell on the reply card set. Use your imagination, but do not go overboard. Too many motifs can be as distracting as colors and font styles.

If you are committed to doing it yourself, following these tips will not lead you too far astray. Again, there is more than meets the eye in crafting a  wedding   invitation  and you are well advised to consult a stationer in your neighborhood for expert advice.


Modern Wedding Invitations By Design


The dream begins at the mailbox. Every young woman breathes a sigh when they see their name in script on “that” envelope. Every mother remembers…every father dreams about his little girl. Modern  wedding   invitations  have changed from the traditional white or cream paper with formal script. Today’s  invitation   designs  range from the formal to fun and beyond.

Your dream day starts long before the event. Typically,  invitations  are mailed six to eight weeks prior to the event. If you are having a destination wedding or international travel for guests this should be extended by four to six weeks. Ordering custom  designed   wedding   invitations  can take six to eight weeks for the process. You should plan to begin the  invitation   design  planning no less than four months before the event.

Modern  wedding   invitations  can reflect a bride’s personality, common interests of the couple, a fantasy or colour theme – but your  invitation   design  should portray the hope of your future. It will become a keepsake for family and friends. Sketches, pictures, colour samples or detailed descriptions will all assist in allowing your designer to share in the dream and create the perfect  invitation . Ask to see samples and view the designer’s website to become familiar with their work.

Once the initial  design  in completed, you will be sent a proof, either in a PDF file or a sample  invitation . Carefully review the file for placement of images, text and graphics. Review all text for spelling, capitalisation, punctuation and form. This is your responsibility! Most design houses will take no responsibility for errors once the proof has been reviewed and deemed correct by the client. If you receive a sample, check the above listed items first. Then move onto the paper and envelopes. If you are not satisfied with anything, make the changes now!

If the design requires additional assembly like vellum overlays, ribbons or additional folding of a non-traditional shape, make sure that there is an understanding on who will take care of this. You might enjoy an evening with friends assembling and addressing your  invitations , but a box of unassembled  invitations  would be an unwelcome and unpleasant surprise.

Things to remember to discuss prior to signing a contract are the cancellation policy and fees – sorry ladies this has been known to happen – better safe than sorry! Understand the deposit and when payment in full is required. Set your expectations before you make a commitment.

Your  wedding  is your day; let your  invitation   design  reflect your dream. Modern  wedding   invitations  are a wonderful way to share your dream, reflect your hopes for the future and keep the fantasy alive.


Wedding Invitations In Calligraphy


One of the most important occasions in one’s life is a wedding. A wedding is a time, when friends and family join together and celebrate the occasion, giving their blessings to the couple and partaking in their joy. It is therefore essential that  wedding   invitations  are printed out to announce the time and place that the  wedding  is going to take place. People get a fair idea of whether the  wedding  is going to be a grand or simple affair by looking the  wedding   invitations . It provides them with a fair idea of whether there will be a theme or a concept that is going to be followed.

Nowadays, many people prefer to base their wedding on a particular theme. If the event is going to take place in the Christmas season, they may opt to use the Christmas theme. Similarly, one can follow a Thanksgiving theme or choose something that is in keeping with the weather. If one is using a “Spring” theme, for example, the specific colors of Spring can be incorporated in the wordings, decorations and images that reflect Springtime in the  wedding   invitation . This practice of following a theme is very popular, as it gives the wedding a certain consistency and charm.

Much importance is given to  wedding   invitations  with regard to  design  and artistry, as this is the first intimation that people get about the  wedding  that is going to take place. The  invitation  cards should be well  designed  and the end look should have a professional touch about it. The services of a professional designer can be used for this purpose, as one expects to see great results. If the card is outstanding in any way, people tend to display it in their homes by placing it in a prominent position and it helps to remind them of the impending wedding. If the card is not well designed, people tend to put it away and even forget the wedding day. It is therefore essential that the  wedding   invitations  look professional and attractive in every way.

When one is making preparations for a  wedding ,  invitation  cards are a priority on the list, as it is important to inform people well in advance of the date. People need to take time off to be able to attend the wedding. The actual preparations of decorating the church and the reception venue can be done a day before, as this does not require planning in advance. It is important that the  wedding   invitations  reach the invitees well in advance, so that they can make plans to attend the  wedding .

 Wedding   invitation  cards should ideally be matched with envelopes of the same color, as this enhances the look. It is good to retain the same style of calligraphy to maintain the consistency and add to the overall look. People are generally attracted to anything beautiful. Use your imagination to make the cards attractive enough for people to retain them for a long time. Some people hold on to these beautiful  invitation  cards for years. These are normally  wedding   invitations   designed  by professional artists, who are proficient in the field. Therefore, it will work to your advantage to hire the services of a professional, who can design and make the cards attractive to make your wedding a memorable occasion.


Start an Invitation Design Business


What Do I Need To Start An Invitation Design Business?

When someone comes to me and asks, “What do I need to start an invitation design business?”, I tell them the main thing they need is drive. They must be driven to succeed. Because, while it is a very simple business to start, and you can start an invitation design business for very little money, you’re going to have to work very hard to make consistent sales and to grow your business.

Yes, if you’re going to start a design business, you will need a little money. I usually say from $1500 to $3000 is a nice cushion. That will give you plenty of money to buy the supplies you need to build up your first portfolio. And you’ll have money still to buy some basic equipment, like a good printer and some ink, and a nice binder or carrying case for your samples. You’ll also need a few dollars for licensing in some parts of the country. And you’ll want to get some nice business cards and stationery printed up, too.

But, if you have all of those things, and you also make the create the most beautiful invitations ever seen, if you don’t have the drive and determination to get out there and sell them, all your efforts are wasted and you money is down the drain.

OK. I’ll come down off my soap box now and tell you few items you’ll really need to have around. For one thing, you have to get a business checking account. No matter what country you’re in, the tax man wants you to keep your business expenses separate from your personal expenses.

You’ll also need some type of filing system to keep your business receipts organized and to stay on top of your orders for invitations. While you’re in there setting up your files, make one for each of your suppliers, too. They’ll be sending you information and paperwork from time to time and you’ll want to be able to get to it when you need it.

If you’ll be attending bridal fairs, you’ll probably need a folding table and a nice, decorative cloth. Don’t worry about a display because your invitations will be your display. And make sure you always have plenty of order forms on hand. It doesn’t look very professional for you to have to write your client’s order on the back of an envelope.

Other than that, all you’ll need will be your samples. It’s best to create a line of products for each design you do. Not just the wedding invitation, but also the wedding program, the thank you cards, the place cards and menu cards, and the save the date cards. After all, most brides will want their wedding stationery all to match. While they may think you have the most beautiful invitations in the world, if they can’t get a matching set of stationery from you, they’re apt to go somewhere else.

Oh, yes, and I forgot one last thing that you’ll need to start an invitation design business. A very large, new wallet!


Top 10 Trends in Wedding Invitations in 2009


 Wedding   invitations  are affected by general trends, and there is no reason to think that 2009 will be any different. Some of the trends of 2009 are continuations of the popular ideas of 2008, while other trends are just beginning to gain popularity. When  designing  your  wedding   invitations , choose what you like best, and leave behind what you do not. It is important that you  design  an  invitation  that reflects the style of you and your future spouse. While you may undoubtedly want to be aware of what is popular and what is not when making your choices, there is no reason to choose something because of its popularity. Instead, use these ideas as starting points when  designing  your dream  wedding   invitation .

Continue to save the date

Save the date cards continue to be a popular addition to the  wedding   invitations  package.

These cards especially come in handy if you are planning a wedding in June, September or around the holidays, since they are traditionally busy times of the year. A save the date card should be sent out as early as possible. This allows your guests to avoid making plans for that day. Many  invitations  come with a specific save the date card that coordinates when the celebration will take place. Choosing coordinated save the date cards and  invitations  means making a decision early on about which  design  you are going to use. It also adds a nice level of customizations to your  invitations .

Color, color, color

Whether bold or subtle, color is a big part of  wedding   invitations  in 2009. Modern printing techniques make it easier than ever to add color from the writing on the envelope lining to the card stock. Colors that were once used primarily for contemporary  invitations , has become so widespread that even the most traditional  wedding   invitations  currently use these colors.

Extending a Theme

Does your wedding have a theme? Whether you are having an outdoor  wedding , a candlelight service or a  wedding  on the beach, you can customize your  invitations  to include some mention of the theme. Confetti in your envelopes or a simple candle drawing on the front of the  invitations  is an easy way to integrate your theme into your  wedding   invitations .

Do it yourself  invitations 

Many people have become taken with the idea of do it yourself  invitations . Do it yourself  invitations  allow you to save some money when planning your  wedding , but they also allow you greater control over your finished product. Do it yourself  invitations  are a great way to create a 100% customized look for your  invitations  while still keeping control of your budget.

Destination  invitations 

More and more, couples are choosing destination weddings as a low stress way to have a memorable wedding ceremony. If you are planning a destination  wedding , choosing an  invitation  that is made specifically for the occasion is a great way to provide your guests with a memento of the event as well as being certain that all the  invitation  provides all of the information they will need to plan their trip.

Adding a photograph

Adding a photograph to your  wedding   invitations  is another choice that may be popular in 2009. As stated before, technology has made this an easy option. Adding a photograph of the happy couple is a wonderful way to personalize your  invitations  without adding a great deal to the cost of the  invitations .

Couples  invitations 

More and more, men are becoming involved in the planning of the wedding. In the past, weddings were typically planned by the bride, her mother and her friends. Today, it is common for the groom to have an interest and opinion on all parts of the ceremony. Couples  invitations  are a way to display this relationship, and will become more popular in 2009.

Adding a favor

A small favor added to your  invitation  is becoming a more popular option. If you are having a theme or destination wedding, including a favor is a great way to add some needed information. For the theme wedding, a small candle for a candlelight service is a thoughtful touch. For a beach vacation, a small tote bag with information from the area chamber of commerce is a thoughtful choice. While adding favors to the  wedding   invitations  is a thoughtful touch, and becoming more popular, the cost can add up quickly. Adding favors to  invitations  typically works best if you are planning a small ceremony, and expect most of your invitees to attend.

Personalize your wedding stationery

Personalization is another area that has been improved greatly by technology. New methods of printing have made many more options available than ever before. This means that the engaged couple can add ribbons, pictures and trinkets, not to mention colored fonts, customized edgings and many other options to stock  invitations . This allows standard  invitations  to look completely personalized.

Colors as neutrals

While adding color as a bold statement has become increasingly popular, color as a neutral is becoming more common as well. This means that a traditional  invitation  may be pastel pink rather than ivory, or mint green rather than white. Using colors as neutrals continues to grow in popularity as more people become accustomed to seeing colors as part of the  wedding   invitations .


Tips on Designing Catholic Wedding Invitations


Catholic weddings usually follow rules set by the Roman Catholic Church. The belief is that marriage is a sacred bond between two individuals that is created by God. It is important to follow all the rituals when arranging a Catholic wedding. However, it is not necessary that Catholic wedding invitation cards should be restricted to traditional designs. You can allow yourself to be creative when designing such invites. The right blend of traditional and contemporary ideas is what can make a card stand out among the crowd. Read this article to know how you should design Catholic wedding invitations.

How to Design Catholic Wedding Invitations

Some major things to consider when designing a Catholic wedding invitation card include color, style, wording and theme of a card. Here are some tips to help you choose the most appropriate Catholic invitations:

  1. Images – Selecting what kind of images should be used in a wedding card is a major thing to consider. You have a lot of alternatives to choose from. For example, some common images used in wedding cards include images like a church silhouette, praying hands, the Cross, Jesus, Mary, a rosary, doves and angels. You can choose among these and several other options. One good idea is to use different images for different cards. For example, you can choose to use different images for the wedding invites, reception card, and Thank-You card.
  2. Verse – Another good idea is to use quotes from the Bible in the card. For best results, you should do a little brainstorming so that you can choose a verse that goes well with the wedding theme.
  3. Design Template – Choosing an appropriate design template is also an important part of the designing task. For this, you can download several templates using the internet. Be sure to compare among them before deciding on one. You can also customize these designs on your own.
  4. Fonts – It is also important to pay attention to small details, such structure of the text, and use of fonts. Formal fonts would be the best choice for you. For best results, you can design a monogram using the names of the bride and groom. Not to mention, this should be in a different font. You could also choose the design and color of fonts aesthetically.

You can also buy Catholic wedding invitation cards from online stores. In that case, make sure that you compare among several cards before selecting one.