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Romantic Styles For Personalized Wedding Invitations


There are many styles of romantic wedding invitations and it primarily comes down to personal preference. This preference can dictate which romantic invitations are chosen for the ceremony. You can take the classic route or a modern one and still have wonderfully romantic and personalized invitations that you can cherish for the rest of your lives. The best way to personalize your wedding invitations and make them especially romantic is to really sit down and plan them out; and remember, there is no need to have anyone tell you what is or is not romantic.

The colors that you choose for your wedding invitations set the mood for the entire wedding celebration. By the time you have begun designing your wedding invitations, if you have not yet settled on a color scheme, it is now the perfect time. Romantic and personalized wedding invitations can coordinate with the overall theme of the wedding. If, for example, the bridesmaid dresses are lavender, you may opt for wedding invitations that complement that color scheme. Perhaps going with some deep purples with wisteria accents is the way to go.

The embellishments that you choose to personalize your wedding invitations are also very important in making them romantic. The most common embellishment for a traditionally romantic wedding invitation is the ribbon. The ribbon that you choose for your wedding invitations should coordinate with your wedding scheme but it should also be delicate as well as tasteful. Silk and organza ribbons work well for romantic wedding invitations. The color of your ribbon should complement the rest of the invitation and coordinate with your entire wedding color scheme.

Furthermore, you may choose to embellish your invitations with elements like buttons and stitching in place of the ribbon. Whimsical embellishments such as these give your wedding a personalized feel, romantic look, and can be an excellent first introduction of your wedding to each of your guests. Hand tying ribbons as well as hand-stitching threads and buttons to your invitations are also great representations of your devotion to each other and can be evident to each invited guest.

The construction of the invitation is also integral to how personalized and romantic the invitations are. Good quality paper stock, vellum, and even some sparkle are key ingredients for personalized invitations. It mostly comes down to how these items are used on the invitation to determine how romantic the invitation is after it is completed. Taking the time and effort to plan different layers of the paper sheets can lend to a romantic, traditional, or a modern feel. Single layers of cardstock and paper give an air of simplicity. Wedding invitations with several layers of paper, vellum, and cardstock are apparent in more intricately designed romantic invitations.

When designing your wedding invitations, the overall look and construction is vastly important to how personalized and romantic they are, but the wording is also essential. While traditional invitation wording is perfectly acceptable, it is not as romantic as some couples would like. In an effort to make your wedding invitations more personalized and romantic, you may want to think about including a poem or perhaps even song lyrics that are special to you and your soon-to-be spouse.

While many couples may find traditional wording much more appropriate, there are couples who enjoy taking a risk together. The poem chosen for the invitation does not need to be written by a famous poet, it can even be something that the two of you made up together. The wording of your wedding invitation should always suit your personal style and most importantly show everyone how in love you two are!

There are many ways to personalize your wedding invitations and increase the amount of romantic wording or accessories included in the invitation. The design of the invitation itself, your choice of color, paper, embellishments, and wording are all crucial to making the invitation truly your own. There are even small things you can do to personalize the invitation. One small thing that you can do is to choose specific stamps for your invitations and RSVP cards. Remember, you do not need to choose the “Love” stamps most couples do. There are so many postage choices out there today that the possibilities are virtually endless. You may even consider choosing a great picture of the two of you and print your own postage!

No matter what route you take when designing your wedding invitations, as long as you put effort and a little thought into it, there is no question that it should be romantic and personalized. Just remember, your wedding is all about the love that the two of you share, so anything you put out there should be romantic! In addition, always remember to keep a copy of the invitation for your wedding scrapbook!


Choosing the Most Appropriate Wedding Invitation


As with every other aspect of  weddings  these days, it is no longer set in stone for  wedding   invitations  to be traditionally  designed  and worded. Instead, they are now considered the perfect way to offer invitees a sneak peak into the unique personality of the bridal couple and an inviting glimpse into the character of the affair. In order to achieve this however, it is important that you choose the appropriate wedding invites.

Take a look at any offline or online store that creates  wedding   invitations  and you will see that they stock a wide range in every style and color possible to suit all kinds of  weddings . While this means today’s bridal couples have an endless array to choose from, it also makes the task of choosing the right  invitations  that much more difficult.

How to Choose the Most Suitable  Wedding   Invitation 

There are several different aspects of the  wedding  that you need to take into consideration when selecting your  invitations . Some of the most important aspects include the tone of your wedding, the color scheme and the theme.

Tone of the Wedding – Are you planning an ultra formal reception hosted in a five-star hotel or is it a more casual barefoot-in-the-park affair? Not only are the style and design of formal wedding invites distinctly different from that of casual invites, even the wordings and the font of the wording are different.

Color Scheme of the  Wedding  – Though there are no laid down rules about  designing   wedding  invites of any type, sending  invitations  that complement the  wedding  color theme is an unwritten rule that is followed by almost all bridal couples. Matching the color of  wedding   invitations  to the décor ties in all the elements of the occasion and shows that you have taken the trouble to take care of the minutest details.

Theme of the Wedding – Are you having a themed wedding? Is it a Valentines Day wedding, a Christmas, beach, or Victorian wedding? Each theme has a distinctly different tone and the appropriate  wedding   invitations  for each theme would give your guests a better idea of what to expect. Sending a shell- shaped, casually worded invite for a Valentines Day Wedding would set a jarring note to the whole event but instead would be perfect for a wedding that is actually being held on the beach.

When choosing the most appropriate  wedding   invitations  you may also want to consider the season in which your big day will take place, the type of flowers you are having and whether or not you want to incorporate a specific religious or ethnic theme.

Choosing the most appropriate  wedding   invitations  is an important part of achieving the right atmosphere; it in fact sets the tone of the whole  wedding .


Personalized Wedding Invitation


Most of us only get to be married once, this is why we always wanted to make the most out of it. We wanted it to be special, memorable and unique. We wanted it to be just like the way that we have always been dreaming it to be ever since we are a little kid. You see, each of us, have our own take of our happily ever after. It is actually based on our personality.

Admittedly, not all of us are damsels in distress. Some of us are not fascinated with fairy tales and the knight and shining armor. We have our own idea of a happily ever after and in the same way, we wanted our wedding to be different. We want it to stand out above the rest. This is why we can’t assume that what could appear as romantic for us may not appear as endearing for another.

 Wedding   invitations  are one of the major components of the  wedding . Can you imagine how a  wedding  event would turn out if there are no  invitations  sent? Could you hardly foresee your own wedding day without any of your friends and family with you? Depressing and sad, isn’t it? It is more like you are in a beautiful place all by yourself and you don’t have anyone to share it with. Well, that nightmare is least likely to happen only if you would take some of your precious time to send the  wedding   invitations  to the special people in your life.

But more than inviting the special people in your life to grace your big day, the  wedding   invitation  also serves as the soul of the aesthetics of your  wedding . Most  weddings  have their  wedding  stationery and other  wedding-related  materials patterned to the  design  of the  wedding   invitation . It is more like that your  wedding   invitation  carries the theme of your  wedding . If your  wedding   invitation  is way too plain, then expect that everything about your  wedding  would mirror the same impression.

Again, the  design  or impression that you would want to have with your  wedding   invitation  is quite relative. It depends on the personality and discretion of the couple. This is why, it is always advisable that couples would invest on the design of the wedding stationery. You could go on and print your own  wedding   invitations  and  wedding  stationery but lifting a  design  or graphics in the internet is a big no-no. If you will do that, it is like you are simply lifting your wedding from a free photograph or stock photo from the internet.

It is important that the  design  template of your  wedding   invitation  would bear the kind of ensemble that you would really want your  wedding  to have. It should combine both of your personality as a couple. It is even better if the design is really reminiscent of the two of you as a couple.


Advice on Wedding Invitation Wording


After choosing the  design  for your  wedding   invitations  you can explore ways to express your relationship and  wedding  plans through creative wording. Some couples select a special quotation or poem; others write personal thoughts from the heart, while those planning a fun and casual wedding play around with wording even using rhymes.

Creative wording for  wedding   invitations  can also be inspired by the couple’s common interest, the exotic or unusual location of the  wedding , the  invitation   design , or  wedding  themes including Disney and fairytale.

Traditional  wedding   invitation  wording often extends a gracious request for the “”honour”” of your presence. Honour, the British spelling, is reserved for wedding services held in a church or a synagogue. Less formal wording ranges from a request for the pleasure of your company or presence to an  invitation  to celebrate the couple’s joyous occasion.

Whether you seek to follow expert  wedding   invitation  etiquette or relax and follow your own personal style depends on whether the  wedding  is formal or casual. Regardless, there are a few tried and true traditions worth examining.

A traditional mailing includes a  wedding   invitation , a response card, and a reception card. Optional inserts include a map/direction card, registry information, and at-home card informing guests of your new residence if you will also be relocating.


Planning For Wedding Invitations


The very special day that you have always waited for is now coming to its fulfillment. You are beginning to start everything all set and ready for your wedding. Moreover, before you get overwhelmed with all the daunting tasks ahead that come with it, one of the major things that you should delve your focus on are the  wedding   invitations .

All of your guests are all possibly thinking of the kind of design you will come up with along with other thoughts about which kind of theme would your wedding revolve around with. Therefore, when you have just settled for something that would complete the overall  design  of your  wedding   invitations , you must also bear in mind the importance of  wedding   invitation  ethics.

This serves as one of the biggest headaches that occupy the minds of each couple that is about to get married. First trouble would be about how many to send out and consequently adjust your budget according to each plan made. With the tough times of today, almost everybody is concerned with meeting their financial capabilities for every service or product they are to spend their money on.

Moreover, the choice to settle for the best kind of  invitation  to make would need to be done out of careful planning for any minor error made can definitely mess up everything. Planning also holds the key in getting to know everything that you need to purchase and the particular design that you want to project on it. The  design  of the  wedding   invitations  would also include the names of guests the RSVP portion.

Another huge issue to deal with is choosing the company who would do the  wedding   invitations . You can choose to contact a famous provider or you can check out online services that offer production for  wedding   invitations .

However, a lot is still not comfortable with placing online orders since they can’t see the person they are having the transaction with. Since the wedding is a very personal affair, couples fear that the online provider will not be able to feel their sentiments if all correspondences will be done over the phone or through email.

Hence, if you have this fear as well, you can just simply proceed to any printing company that you know or familiar with who is capable of designing your wedding cards the best way you want it.

The moment you get to talk to a potential designer of your choice, you can immediately meet up with the person and discuss other pertinent details about your personal preferences. What is most important is you getting to make the right choice to be able to make your wedding day a truly memorable one.


Stay Organized With a Wedding Invitation Timeline


 Wedding   invitation  planning…you may not realize just how many steps there really are to organizing and preparing your  invitations . From creating your guest list to finalizing all your ceremony and reception details, many things affect your  wedding   invitation  preparations.

There really are no absolute deadlines for many of the steps in your  wedding   invitation  process. Although there are some general timeframes that you may find helpful to avoid last-minute rushing since you have so many other things on your mind as well.

Here is a basic timeline to simply use as a guideline for your  invitation  planning:

9 months – 1 year

  • Begin working on your guest list so you will know how many wedding invites (and maybe save the dates) to eventually order (one per single adult, couple or family invited).
  • Start your  wedding   invitation  shopping so you can narrow your choices down to only your favorites. Be sure to order samples, which are usually blank, so you can personally see the paper and design.
  • If you are planning to mail out save the date cards to guests, begin searching for your preferred design of them as well.

7 to 8 months

  • If you will be sending save the dates, place your order based on the number of guests to whom you will be mailing them as they are optional.
  • Review sample  wedding   invitation  verses and give some thought as to how your wording will read.

6 months

  • If sending save the dates, prepare and mail them.
  • Select your  wedding   invitation   design  and gather all the details that will be printed on them such as date, times, name and address of location(s), etc.
  • Determine what  invitation  enclosures or extras you will also be ordering – reception cards, response cards, pre-printed return address on envelopes, direction/map cards, decorative envelope seals, colored lining for inner envelopes, matching thank you cards or informal notes, etc. Some of these options may not be available depending on your chosen style. You may also be able to order matching menu, table and place cards for your design. The more items you can order together, the more you will save by avoiding separate shipping costs later.
  • If you are including response cards, check with your dinner location to see how far in advance they need your final guest count so you can select the RSPV date that will be printed on them (typically 2-3 weeks before wedding). You also need to decide whose address will be printed on the response envelope or postcard meaning they will receive the replies.

4-5 months

  • Finalize your wording and place your  wedding   invitation  order. Remember to order some extras now so you won’t run out if there are last-minute guests to invite and so you also have a few as souvenirs. If the option is available, order some extra envelopes just to be safe.
  • Review your guest list to make sure you have current addresses for everyone.
  • Consider custom wedding stamps for mailing your wedding invites. Many online retailers give you the option of choosing from pre-designed wedding postage or simply uploading a photo to create your own stamp design. NOTE – Be sure to have one of your ready-to-mail  invitations  weighed at a Post Office BEFORE you purchase any postage stamps to make sure you are using the correct amount for each  invitation .

3-4 months

  • Fold and/or assemble your  wedding   invitations , if necessary.
  • Hand address mailing envelopes and write guest names on inside envelopes, if they are included.
  • Purchase and apply postage stamps to the response card envelopes or response postcards, if they will be included.
  • Assemble all  wedding   invitation  pieces and insert them into already addressed envelopes.
  • Take one fully assembled and sealed  invitation  to the Post Office to have it weighed to determine the correct amount of postage needed.
  • Purchase your stamps or order custom wedding stamps with appropriate postage amount required for mailing.

6-8 weeks

  • Seal the envelopes, apply postage stamps and mail them all at the same time directly at a Post Office location.

3-4 weeks

  • Prepare and mail any other  wedding-related   invitations …rehearsal dinner, post-wedding brunch, etc.
  • Keep track of the response cards as they are returned by checking off their names from your guest list.

2-3 weeks

  • Contact any guests who didn’t mail back their response cards.
  • Provide final guest count to reception/dinner location.

That pretty much takes care of everything related to your  invitations  prior to your  wedding . The only thing left to do is to write and mail out your  wedding  thank you cards, especially if you ordered them with your  wedding   invitations . They should be sent out about a month after the wedding and no more than three months after.

Again, this is just a guideline for your  wedding   invitations  process but hopefully it will help you stay organized which is the key for all of your  wedding  planning.


How To Choose A Wedding Invitation Design


Chances are, if you have already gone shopping for a  wedding   invitation , your eyes almost fell out of your head with all the choices available to you. You can make the whole process a lot easier by deciding the theme you want for your  wedding  day before you start to look for perfect  invitations  for your special day.

What to Consider when You are Looking for a  Wedding   Invitation   Design 

After you have decided the theme of your wedding, your choices will now be a bit more limited. You will still have to choose just one, but when you have a theme in mind when you go shopping, you can eliminate such choices as Chinese  wedding   invitations  if you are having a welcome spring theme.

Also consider if your wedding is to be a formal affair or a more relaxed event. The more formal your  wedding  day is to be, the more elegant you will want your  invitation  to be.  Wedding   invitations  for a formal  wedding  event would have more somber colors whereas a casual wedding affair can use more vibrant hues. Think about how you want your guests to perceive your wedding. Is it to be an affair that will throw conventions to the wind, or will it be a more traditional setting? All of these things will factor into the type of  wedding   invitation   design  you are seeking.

What Should the  Wedding   Invitation  Say?

There are many websites where you can research the many different wording options that are available for a  wedding   invitation . You can certainly break out of the mold and write your own  wedding   invitation , but it is always a good idea to explore the different wording options that are available to you. It is customary for whoever is hosting the wedding to have their names at the top, requesting the guest’s presence at the marriage.

Decide if you want to include a photo. Doing so may make some of your guests more inclined to attend as they will feel a greater personal connection when the two of you are grinning up at them. You want to make your guests feel your warmth and joy when they receive your  wedding   invitation .

Taking some time to do research can save you time in the long run. Deciding some of the things you definitely want or don’t want before you go shopping can narrow your choices and make it an easier task to choose just one of the many  wedding   invitation   designs  you will find.


Top 5 Destination Wedding Invitation Designs


You will try to make your wedding items inline with your main wedding theme. For example, you may choose pumpkins as the main decoration elements if you are going to have a Halloween themed event. Of course the invitations should also match the main theme.

As a matter of fact, a lot of brides and grooms will opt for a destination wedding. This is because such an event is usually more memorable. When it comes to the invitations, you will want to know how they can express the idea of a destination event.

Here are the top 5 destination wedding invitation designs you can consider.

1. Air Ticket Design

Usually, your destination event will be hosted overseas. Your guests will need to prepare the air tickets in order to go to your wedding. As a result, it will be natural to go for the idea of an air ticket when you design the wedding invitations. In fact, such designs can be very unique. You can print the individual guest names on the cards. This can make your invites more personalized. Apart from the air ticket idea, it is also common for couples to go for a boarding pass design.

2. Passport Design

Of course your guests will have to bring the passports along with them when attending an overseas wedding. This is why a passport design is very popular when it comes to a destination wedding invitation. You can personalize the passport design for each guest. You can print their names and pictures on each passport. Your guests will want to keep this invitation after your event. It is not uncommon to choose this design together with an air ticket invitation.

3. Poker Design

A poker design is perfect for a Las Vegas wedding. As you may probably know, Las Vegas is a very popular destination for getting married. Most people will think about elements such as pokers and slot machines when we talk about Las Vegas. This is why you can choose a poker design for your Las Vegas wedding. You can print the design on a thick piece of card stock. Your guests will certainly love it.

4. Glass Bottle

A glass bottle can be related to the beach. A beach wedding can also be a destination event at the same time. So, you can choose a glass bottle as your invitation design. Of course it can be hard for you to print the wording on the bottle itself. Instead, you can print the wording on a piece of paper and put it into a bottle. You can even add some sand into the bottle if you are going to host a beach wedding.

5. Photo Invitation

It is always said that a picture is worth thousand words. A picture on the invitation can express the idea of destination wedding effectively. You can print a photo of the destination on the card. Your guests will know the theme of your event once they see the invitations. You can even print your own pictures on it in order to personalize the cards!


Choosing Wedding Invitation Vendor – A Story


The  wedding   invitation  is certainly a must for your  wedding . As what the other couples do, you will try to make your  wedding   invitation  as unique as possible. The way to choose a vendor for that becomes very crucial. Below is a real life story in Hong Kong and this will give us some insights when choosing the vendor.

The Story

A couple is going to get marry and planning their wedding. They tried to search on the internet for different  wedding   invitation  providers. Finally, they found one which claims to be specialized in drawing the portraits of couples like cartoon drawings.

The couple loved the style of the company and approached it. When they first met, it was found that the shop of the company was not really a shop. It was not an office either. They were just renting a “table” from a tailor’s shop.

The couple felt a bit uncomfortable with the company but the staff of the company offered them a full money back guarantee if they were not satisfied with the design. The staff also offered them a 25% discount, though the original price is already quite inexpensive (HKD14 each or USD1.8, for 400 pcs). As a result the couple decided to give it a try.

When the couple got the electronic proof of the design, they felt really shocked because the portrait was nearly the same as a previous design of the company. It was not really depicting the characteristics of the couple. Because of that, the couple asked for a full refund.

However, the staff of the company lost her temper and became very impolite. Of course the couple could get their money back eventually but they had wasted some time. It is a really bad experience.

The Insights

In fact, we should be very careful when we are choosing the  wedding   invitation  vendor. In the above case, the couple should not hire the company even if they offer a huge discount and money back guarantee. I will say that if the company is really confident with their works they do not need to offer such discount.

As a  wedding   invitation  designer myself, I have never offered discounts when the clients feel uncomfortable with my company. A mutual trust between the vendor and the client is very important. You should not hire a company that you do not feel comfortable with.

Besides, the original charge of the company is too low to be real. Four hundred pieces of  invitations  only cost about USD720, and it goes to USD540 after the discount. For a really professional illustrator in Hong Kong, only the drawing itself may cost this amount.

It will be quite impossible to have the job done with this amount, unless they are not really trying to provide the  wedding   invitations  of the highest quality. You need always to compare the difference in prices and quality of other vendors so that you will not make a wrong decision.

Cases like the above story happen everyday. However, if we compare and research thoroughly, we should be able to be away from such kind of unhappy experiences.


Popular Wedding Invitation Designs


With the seemingly unending ways to customize  wedding   invitations , it can be difficult to decide what you want. By looking at some of the popular choices, you can see what others have done, and decide if those styles are ones which would suit your taste.

Popular styles

If you are interested in a classic look, you may choose a single panel card. The  invitation  information is printed on the front. Some people choose to accent these  invitations  with an organza bow in a complimentary color. A classic  wedding   invitation  is timeless, and is sure not to draw much criticism, but it will also not stand out very much.

Choosing a contemporary  wedding   invitation  opens up many  design  options for the bride and groom. Many contemporary  invitations  are in nontraditional shapes. They may be long and narrow or square. They often open up rather than having all of the information printed on the front panel. Furthermore, contemporary  wedding   invitations  can be in bright fun colors, such as turquoise, red and green. Striped  invitations  are also common, and very pleasant to the eye.

For the couple who considers religion an important part of their life together, and a focal point for their wedding, a religious themed card can make a wonderful choice. Many of the religious cards feature a bible, church scene or other religious drawing as part of the design of the card.

The couple who cannot control themselves and want to share their love with the world may choose one of the many heart  invitations  which are available.  Wedding   invitations  decorated with hearts are available in whimsical  designs  as well as more traditional patterns. This can extend to the overall theme of the event, such as a beach wedding. A perfect  wedding   invitation  for this occasion would be an  invitation  showing a beach scene with two hearts made from seashells in the sand.

Many couples choose an  invitation  decorated with flowers for their  wedding . Floral  invitations  are a beautiful and subtle way to show your romantic side. Flowers can be incorporated into a  wedding   invitation  in many ways, such as in a floral border or as a backdrop for the inscription on the  invitation  itself.

Popular paper choices

The choice of paper for your  invitations  can seem daunting. Cotton, linen, parchment, are all common selections. Fortunately some  invitations  are only available in certain types of paper, narrowing your choices. Another thing to keep in mind is that a casual wedding often uses recycled paper or cotton paper, while a more formal wedding may use linen or parchment. Vellum paper, which is opaque, gives a romantic feel to your  invitations . Deckle edged paper makes the paper look like it was hand torn.

Popular inks

For the traditionalist, black or dark gray ink is one of the most common choices. Some brides choose to integrate their  wedding  colors into the  invitation  by using one of the colors as the ink color. Formal weddings often call for a metallic ink, such as silver, gold or copper. Regardless of what color you choose, make sure that it coordinated with the color of your paper, and is easy to read.

Popular add-ins

What are the most common additions to the  invitation ? In everything but the most casual, open church type of wedding a response card will be included. If you include a response, or RSVP, card in the  invitation , you should also include a self addressed envelope with postage included. The return address is traditionally printed on the envelopes by the printer. This is different than the  invitation  envelopes, which are traditionally addressed by hand.

If you are having guests from out of town, you may want to add accommodations cards. These cards, typically printed on the multi-use cards that match your  invitations , provide out of town guests with information on where they can stay while they are in town for your  wedding . You can provide the names of several hotels as well as contact information, or, if you have made arrangements for a special rate at a specific hotel, the name of that hotel, and what they should do to receive the special rate.

You may also want to include a reception card in your  invitations . The reception card provides information about where the reception is held and at what time. This is helpful for those who may not make it to the ceremony but would like to join you later.

While these are some popular ideas for what many people choose for their  invitations , it is not an inclusive guide. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, and you should let your own desires guide your choices. If you want to make your own  invitations , use nontraditional colors or styles or do anything else that others may not do, that is your choice. Your  invitations  are a chance to express your and your fiancé’s personalities. They will also be a keepsake for years to come.